"Their Faces"


Oil on Canvas, 100×90 cm.

What makes you tough and helps to move on – that is your roots. That is your pride. The artist portrays a collective image of our time – a generation of strong, confident women. Their beauty, sincerity, and freedom are natural and easy. In every gesture, every angle, every glance we recognize ourselves and our children recognize us – that is our pride.


Tempera on Canvas, 120×70 cm.

She’s walking through her life with a laugh…You can be strong no matter what, you can forgive and let go, you can love and forget, and be gentle and independent. This painting as a psychological upgrade shows the women as the mirrow of our world. Do you recognise yourself?


Tempera on Canvas, 90×80 cm.

This painting refers to the beauty of the human body and the spiritual strength. We balance on edge and push the limits. Movement and rest – how can we achieve balance and perfection? Like the French master Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, the painter creates an image of a woman of perfect proportions and lines. But the beauty hides the tough choice everyone makes in a bid to find our true self.


Tempera on Canvas, 100×70 cm.

Goodbye, sadness. The fleeting agitation passes, life goes on, and we move further. Nothing is ever permanent, and that’s the beauty of life. This painting stands for our memories about ourselves, about the challenges and the ways to overcome…

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