"Vice" series paintings
Pain and violence, fear and humiliation – in the 21st century we still live in a world where these words are considered normal. The web pages and television screens are flooded with information about the harshness of the world. But who are these people making the world such a scary place? They live among us, they walk the same streets, they shop in the same stores, they are our friends and buddies. They are us. As long as we live in silent approval of all the crimes.
I can’t stay silent.
While corporations pervert the meaning of love and kindness; while the hypocrisy disguises the decay of bodies and minds; while violence equals caring and love is nothing but enslavement.
“Vice” project is more than a response to the deep problems within the church corporations. As a philosophical artwork, it follows the ideas Russian writer Fyodor Dostoyevsky raised in his tale “The Grand Inquisitor.” The world of a man wouldn’t accept God. Everything we see is a hypocritical mask. That is the message the works by Syuzanna Kamara contain.

“That’s pain, baby”

Oil on canvas, 120×120 cm.

Everything comes with a price: beauty, health, love, fun, and pain… The consumer society of the 21st century lives up to the “bigger, brighter, cheaper” principle. There’s something for everyone. That is why we are ready to label our feelings, twist our bodies, and expose our souls in hope to sell ourselves for as much as possible. We believe, the higher the price, the more we get. How often do we think about the consequences? In fact, we are not getting richer but devalue our broken and empty life all over again.
Any product will lose its value as time goes by. That is how the market works. Yet you can’t put a price on your soul. Our job is not to lose it in the myriad of options and offers.

“Holy Shit”

Oil on Canvas, 200×140 cm.

How many times has humanity faced a spiritual and moral crisis? How often has our belief in kindness, love, and justice been crashed by the corporate interest, pure greed, and human exploitation? Our world is filled with violence and pain. People of the 21st century has failed to suppress the mentality of the Dark Ages when suffering was a cardinal virtue.
This painting encourages us to show compassion. The artist offers us to throw away anachronistic religious conventions and social tyranny, open our eyes and see things as they really are.
Love thy neighbor… Why have these simple words transformed and resulted in demeaning, violence, and cruelty, where love brings blind obedience and fear and silence provides a chance to be a part of a corporation?
What are you willing to sacrifice on the altar of your blind faith? Your body, your soul or your life… Suffering is the perfect currency easily converted into gold coins. The blind faith makes you a marionette because the crown of thorns is not a ticket to heaven but a marketing hook.
Do they want your soul? They want your body!
You’d say, the painting is anticlerical, we say, it’s advocating for freedom.
“Martyr” is about the world where evil has won, though it’s hiding behind the mask of corporate good. The church is a mediator between a man and God, but we all know how much interest the mediators charge. That is why the red halo is placed in the center of the composition as an allegory of the worldly matters and violence. The dark figure is pictured as a monolith with the void behind. The words of the prayer are vague and obscure. Why understand its sense when you are just a puppet for the people in power? Who needs sincerity and spiritual purity when the only thing that matters is your body? The roses symbolize the sin and passion. The floral wreath on the young man’s thighs represents the hypocrisy and lies.

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