“Nude” series paintings

The works of the series share the same idea of everlasting youth, beauty, and harmony, being reunited with yourself and the world. Like the Three Graces of the modern world the images personify all aspects of the contemporary femininity. “Deep into Helena” is about sensuality and the elegance of youth. “Naiad” is about serenity and peace, immersing into the world, beauty, and nature. “Heat” is an image of strong, striking, and sexual woman. She is brave and relaxed, that is her power.
Each painting is individual, though complement each other representing the overall concept of the series: beauty, tenderness, power, and sensuality.

deep into Helena

"Deep into Helena"

Oil and Acrylic on Canvas, 80×100 cm

The classic feminine is mixed with childishly naïve and fragile. Monochrome composition, hair cascading down, and beautiful gesture allude to the feminine archetype, perfect yet unreachable beauty. Sensuality and esthetic admiration remind of the works by iconic photographer Eikoh Hosoe.
Based on the photo of a model Helena Christensen.


Oil and Acrylic on Canvas, 120×100 cm

“The delicacy of water is solid and safe…” Boris Grebenschikov. Immersion, awakening, and birth – it’s all about water. Tender and soft, it enclothes the body of a beautiful naiad. The woman and water become one, symbolizing Yin energy, chthonic, as a force of nature. Bringing together the antique aesthetic of a naked body and modernist approach of David Hockney the artist presents the viewer with a challenge to perceive various storylines.



Oil and Acrylic on Canvas, 90×75 cm

What do we see: a beautiful body of a young woman in a tight and wet t-shirt. But the sexuality is not deliberate. The breast is tempting and teasing, calling for a kiss of erotic or religious excitement. Like Artemis of Ephesus or Madonna from the medieval icons, the woman is sensual and spiritual, natural and estranged. We desire and worship her at the same moment.

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