"Long Roads"

"The White Maze"

Tempera on Canvas, 110×100 cm.

Blue stairs, white cat, azure door, openwork grate. It’s noontime; no footstep sounds. The street is drowsing in the sun, and slanting shadows stretch along the narrow streets. Peace and quiet; the smell of salty water and fishing nets wafts from the seaside. The labyrinth of white streets, the maze of calm and quiet bliss, the one you would never wish to escape.

"The Cinnamon City"

Tempera on Canvas, 90×120 cm.

What is a city, its color, sound, scent? Each consists of its own elements: gasoline and rain, forest and herbs, sun and sea. There are cities like a Christmas cake with layers of jam and biscuit bread. A thoughtful pastry-cook evenly cut the pieces and prepared the filling. Windows line up in rows like pastilles, and the streets flow like a syrup. You take a walk, and while the sun is warming up the houses, the air is filled with the scent of cinnamon and liquorice.

"The Concrete Rainbow"

Tempera on Canvas, 110×100 cm.

White specks of light paint a whimsical pattern of shadows cast from columns and windows over a pink wall. The rhythm of light and shade, light and color, is like a slice of a rainbow, caught by one of its rays. The jolly and dense tone is spread with generous and bold brushstrokes of nature across the wall, which doesn’t seem to mind this blaze of colors. Can you drown in color? Maybe, especially if you plunge right into it.


Tempera on Canvas, 100×100 cm.

The stairs, warm and rough walls. You come back home, walk upstairs, your fingers touch the familiar surface of the wall. You know every scrape, every bump. Not only you, but a little gecko, which is hiding in a cracked wall scared off by the sound of the approaching steps. In a couple of hours the sun will fade away over the horizon. The city will darken. The smells of the flowers will fill the air, and blue butterflies will prance in the warmth of the late afternoon sun — butterflies in the evening stairway, stairway-butterflies.

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